Payment Methods

When you sign-up with WebDetours Hosting (WebCamp One, LLC) for any of our services it is with the understanding that you will pay your invoices on-time and in full. Payments are made using PayPal with funds coming from your choice of:

a) Your PayPal account
b) Credit card -- either Amex, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Note: Credit card payments are made through the PayPal payment portal.

If convenient, you may elect to set up a PayPal subscription so that future invoices for the same product(s) are paid automatically.

Note: you can choose to not have your payments made automatically. To do this, simply remove any payment information from your account, after which you will need to log into your account to pay each time an invoice is generated. If you elect this option, please make payments on time to avoid unanticipated account suspension and/or domain expiration.

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